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Martin Place

Martin Place

Sydney - New South Wales, Australia


Martin Place is one of the best known skate spots in the world. This iconic spot is located right in the middle of Sydney’s CBD. The plaza is known as the city’s ‘love heart’. It’s a sidewalk with five streets full of office buildings, many shops and places to eat as well as the four steps of the amphitheatre stand which are known as The Pit and the ten steps, known as The Martin 10, with the double tube handrail with a kink at the end. You can also go behind the Lloyd Rees Fountain to the 8 steps with a handrail, which apart from appearing in many skate videos, can also be seen in the film Matrix.

It’s easy to get to with the public transport given that the square is very central and well connected. As you leave the metro station there are a few sets of three steps and if you continue down the street, you’ll find plant pots, manni pads, wallrides, stairs, ledges, handrails, double set 3 flat 3, gaps, wooden benches and more on the way to the amphitheatre, all on a perfect floor.

Martin Place has been well-documented since the beginning of the nineties, both nationally and internationally. It has seen many generations of skaters and has appeared in numerous magazines. Changes have had to be made over the years but the atmosphere remains the same. Thanks to its location, this spot has always been the ideal place for people to meet up at before going to explore the rest of the city.

Sydney has a subtropical climate with warm summers and cold winters. Rainfall is most common between February and June. The offices around Martin Place means it is quite chaotic during working hours so the best time to skate there is at the weekend or after 7 pm during the week.

The spot has many obstacles for all skaters of all ability levels, above all there are many stairs to jump such as the set of ten stairs with handrail, The Pit or the double set 3 flat 3. There are also many zones with manni pads and a few steps for warming up or beginners. With regards to ledges, most have skate stoppers on but there are wooden benches without them.
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