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Praia da Pipa

Praia da Pipa

Rio Grande do Norte - Tibau do Sul, Brazil

Surf, Bodyboard

Pipa is located in the northeast of Brazil, six kilometres south of the small fishing town Tibau do Sul, and around 80 kilometres south of the Rio Grande State capital, Natal. Pipa has gone from being a small fishing village in the eighties to a cosmopolitan and multicultural place with different ethnic groups, cultures and accents from all over the world. The quality and variety of the waves make the area a surfing reference in Brazil. To get there you can fly to Natal Augusto Severo International Airport and rent a car or get a bus connection to Pipa from Rodoviária Nova in Natal.

Praia da Pipa is a beautiful beach with numerous services, accommodation, restaurants and clubs, etc. The most beautiful beach in the area is Praia do Madeiro but you’ll also find Baia dos Golfinhos and Praia do Curral, where it’s common to surf amongst dolphins. One of Pipa’s most exclusive characteristics is its geographical position, in the most eastern point of South America. This brings optimal conditions throughout the whole year on one of the four main beaches as they can receive both north and south swells. The best peaks are between Tibau do Sul and Praia da Pipa.

Surfing reached Pipa in the seventies, when it was a small village and the locals still lived in mud huts, surrounded by nature and deserted beaches, away from the big cities. It was the end of the sixties when the Simonete family and the pioneers Caio Pereira and Lucrecio de Araújo began to get to know the peaks, and little by little, Pipa became more popular. At the beginning of the eighties you had to walk there from Tibau do Sul but it was worth it for those unforgettable moments of peace and quiet at the Sororoca, Abacateiro and Lajão peaks. At the end of the eighties, the popular Luruca and Felipe Dantas, the 1989 Brazilian vice champion, started going to Pipa and it became the most important spot in Northeast Brazil.


The best time of year for surfing is from December to March when the swells with long periods come from the north. However, various swells enter from the South Atlantic all year round. It’s important to bear in mind that the rainy season is from March to July, and due to the intensity of the rivers, the waters can be murkier but the benefit is that there will be fewer people. The water temperature is around 28 °C throughout the year and the atmospheric temperature ranges between 24 °C and 31 °C in the summer and 21 °C and 28 °C in the winter.

With regards to the most well-known peaks, the beachbreaks are highlighted; Boca da Lagoa Guarairas is 800 metres of sand with good sandy bottoms. On the right of the same beach, there is one with a rocky bottom that works well with SE swell. To the left of the beach, there are other peaks which are ideal for beginners. Praia da Cacibinhas is a 4 kilometre beachbreak that works with an E and SE swell. Praia do Madeiro together with Ponta do Madeiro, is a world class spot with a long right over a reef which normally works from November to March with North swell, low tide and offshore S or E wind. Praia do Curral is located in Baia dos Golfinhos and works with any swell as it is often protected from nearly all of the prevailing winds. Another popular beach is Praia do Amor, a beachbreak which works with SE swell, is better with a mid rising tide from 2 to 6 feet, and holds with any wind.

The following peaks break over a rocky bottom: the highlight is Lajao, in the centre of Pipa, a reefbreak 300 metres offshore with a right which breaks with mid to high tide and N and SE swells. There is also the legendary Abacateiro, to the right of Lajao, a spot for more advanced surfers as it is tubular and fast and breaks shallowly. It works with mid to high tide. Sororoca Reef is a perfect A-frame with a fast take off and manoeuvrable walls. With the perfect conditions it offers quality barrels. It also works with mid to high tide. Another important peak is Lajinha, world-class and possibly Pipa’s best. It’s a shallow reefbreak with fast barrelling waves which works with E and SE swell.
Optimal Conditions
  • Wave
  • Wind
    W - SW
  • Tide
  • Swell
    NE - E - SE
  • Bottom
    Sand - Reef
  • Size
    1 to 10 ft
  • Time of year
    All year round
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