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Litueche - O'Higgins , Chile


Topocalma is a beach in the Litueche commune, 45 kilometres from Pichilemu. It’s a windsurfing sanctuary where you’ll find five peaks with impressive lefts and one of the world’s best breaks with side-offshore wind. The wind usually arrives at ten in the morning and picks up until midday, with SW component and between 25 and 35 knots in season. The waves are clean and it’s very easy to enter the water. International events are held there, such as the Topocalma Infernal. From one of the hills you can take in the marvellous landscape that surrounds the spot, the five kilometres of beach and forest that together give Topocalma its unique characteristics.

It’s not easy to get to this spot, but you can follow these directions if you go from Santiago. From the Sol highway in the direction towards San Antonio, you’ll reach a fork in the road and you should head towards Melipilla, take the road that takes you to the crossroads and from there head towards the centre of Rapel, in fifteen minutes you’ll have left it behind and you’ll reach Litueche village. From this point, it’s just 30 kilometres more along a dirt road to Topocalma.


Topocalma is without doubt one of the best waves for windsurfing in Chile. It breaks on a sandbank and the wave always opens up into a very organised and powerful left, giving great sections for aerials and other tricks. The side-offshore wind can be quite gusty and tends to pick up a lot in the afternoon. You’ll normally start with your largest sail and end up changing it for the smallest one in the afternoon. The wave is very glassy and if you break your equipment it’s not a problem because the beach is sandy so it’s easy to get out of the water.
Optimal Conditions
  • Type
  • Wind
  • Tide
    Low or high
  • Swell
    S, SW, W, NW
  • Bottom
  • Size
    3 to 20 ft
  • Time of year
    September to April
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