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Xiuying - Haikou - Hainan, China


Hainan Island is located off the south coast of China in the South China Sea. It’s known as ‘The Hawaii of China’ and its capital Haikou, which is situated on the north coast facing the Qiongzhou Strait, is the most populated city on the island. Haikou is still quite unknown worldwide but it has great conditions for kitesurfing almost all year round along with quiet beaches. There are two main kite spots on the island however, most of the coast has many unexplored beaches where you’ll find flat, choppy and wavy spots with either sea or fresh water.


The main spot, which is just outside of the city, is Holiday Beach. It’s seven kilometres long and has one spot with small to medium sized waves which is good for kiting. This spot hosted the PKRA World Tour since 2012, it’s the most touristic beach on the island as it is very near to the city. The second spot, Guilin Yang Beach, is to the east of Haikou city and is a much quieter area. It has a small waves and a small bay with waist-deep water which is ideal for beginners. There aren’t many amenities around Guilin Yang, just basic hotels and local restaurants. Mangrove is another spot near to Guilin Yang Beach which has flat, shallow water. The Flyin’ Circus Kiteboarding Center is located in Guilin Yang and you can organise classes or equipment rentals with them. They also offer packages, which could be an easier option when it comes to finding out the local knowledge of the spot, getting around to the other spots and communicating with the locals.

To get to Hainan Island, the best option is to fly to International Meilan Airport and get a taxi, unless you have a package which includes airport transfers. Remember that you will need to obtain a tourist visa before entering China.


The best time period to visit Holiday Beach is between October and April. From October until around February there is usually between 15 and 35 knots, the wind is normally side-onshore (N) and the temperatures are pleasant, around 25-35°C. In January and February the air temperature drops to around 16-21 °C and the water is somewhat warmer. The best time to kitesurf at Guilin Yang Beach is between October and February, during this period the wind is mostly side-onshore with choppy water. During springtime, the wind is usually between 10 to 25 knots, the air temperature is higher, it’s sunnier and the water is warmer, flatter and glassier.
Optimal Conditions
  • Type
    Wave, Freestyle, Race
  • Wind
  • Time of year
    October to Febraury
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