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Lakey Peak

Lakey Peak

East Sumbawa, Indonesia


Lakey Peak is a wave located east of Sumbawa in the Dompu area, near to the small village Hu'u. To get there you have two options. The first is to fly to Bima airport and from there it's just a 3 hour car journey to Lakey beach. The second option is to go by motorbike or car from West Sumbawa. If you have a fear of flying forget the first, and if you don't like adventures forget the second.

Some say that Lakey Peak is like Bali was 25 years ago. This is half true but Sumbawa is a different and much more extensive island which has a different climate, is less populated and has a different culture and religion. These are all important differences that make this place unique and it surely won't lose this essence in another 25 years. Currently, the area surrounding Lakey Peak is already quite well known but not long ago back in the nineties, only a privileged few caught waves there, some of them even stayed to live. It can be said that if not for the waves, Lakey Peak wouldn't be on the map because it is unfortunately a very poor place. You'll see that the people live with very little yet they still have enough energy to smile at everyone that goes there, especially the many children who are like kings there and are always ready to play. Rip Curl know this very well and every year at the beginning of the season they bring juniors together to have fun during the Rip Curl Gromsearch along with some professionals, one of those being Oney Anwar who only began a few years ago with one half of a broken board and is now known as the most promising Pro Surfer in Indo after winning the 'Rip Curl Pro Mentawai' 2013.

Lakey Peak Indonesia

Lakey Peak is a consistent reef break that seems to have been designed by some of the best architects, resulting in one of the best A frames in the world. Many surfers from around the world gather here including Americans, Europeans, Brazilians and above all Australians, making the most of the mechanics of this peak and treating it like a training camp which means that at peak times it's always crowded. It's incredible how each wave shoots two surfers at the same time, one to the left and one to the right. From the beach at Lakey Peak by looking towards the left, you'll see it's sister Lakey Pipe, the bodyboarder's favourite. You will also find great quality waves such as Nunga's, Periscopes or Cobblestones nearby, ask the locals and they will help you get there.


The Lakey Peak A-frame is one of the best in the world. It breaks over a reef and there are super rideable lefts with easy take offs at high tide and very good pipe sections at low tide from the take off. The rights are a bit shorter with perfect backdoors at low tide but take care in the last section which stays dry. In any case it requires a high level at low tide. At Lakey Peak there are many who go there early to take advantage of this when it is totally glassy as this is when the reef shows it's perfection. During the season the thermal winds that spoil the perfection pick up throughout the morning, yet it is surprising that despite this the waves continue to keep their shape giving good sessions with a lot less people.

It works with all tides, although it's better with dead tide and low tide for those with more level. There are waves throughout the year, some prefer the rainy season because although the waves aren't consistent, there are days when it's only glassy. The best time for most is from May to October when the waves are larger and more constant. The ideal size is from 5 to 6 ft holding up to 10 ft being well formed at any size, but you can catch nice waves from 3 ft at low tide. You get to it by paddling 400 metres out from the beach or by boat for a few rupees.
Optimal Conditions
  • Wave
    Left and right
  • Wind
  • Tide
  • Swell
    SW - S
  • Bottom
    Coral Reef
  • Size
    3 to 10 ft
  • Time of year
    May to October
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