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No Kandui

No Kandui

Mentawai islands - Siberut, Indonesia

Surf, Bodyboard

No Kandui or Kandui left breaks along a large reef which is located on the northeast coast of the Karangmajat Island and there is one wave more of the Playground in southern Siberut. It’s a long and very powerful wave and is sought after when there’s a good swell because of the challenge involved in linking all of its sections. This wave has such a fast barrel that to make it through, the only option is to generate a lot of speed inside and for this reason it is sometimes called No Kandui.

You can stay in one of the boats that operate around the islands all year round, or stay in the resorts or surf camps that are around the area. Your adventure will start from Padang airport and from there it depends on the conditions of your trip. If you are meeting an operator or travelling by your own accord, your next stop will be Muara Padang harbour in Sumatra and from there look for the ferry to Siberut or go directly to your chosen accommodation. Pay attention to all the conditions, ferry times and even the weather. 

An option which is becoming more popular, even though it’s slightly more complicated, is to get the 10 hour ferry from Muara Padang harbour to Siberut and from there, get another boat which will take you in 2 hours to the small Pulau Masokut Island. The island, also known as Nyang Nyang, has a great location next to all of the waves that form the northern and southern parts of the Playground. Get to know other surfers on your adventure, use the services that the locals offer and soon enough you’ll be surfing somewhere in the Playground. In Nyang Nyang you’ll be able to find accommodation and places where you can replenish your energy. If you’re not travelling with an operator, find someone who can inform you about the area and knows the exquisite Kandui left well.

No Kandui Indonesia


Kandui may seem easy but if you don’t know it, it’s better to surf it for the first time at high tide, especially if you are just beginning your trip because a few simple grazes on the reef can affect the rest of your time in Mentawai. The extensive line up means it isn’t easy to wait for the set and hold your place there. In any case it’s better that it’s not so small, so that the take-off zone is away from the sharp reef.

If there are less than six feet it’s dangerous, and it’s extremely challenging with low tide. The best is with more than six to eight feet, southwest swell, glassy with light east wind. It’s also very fast with mid or high tide and, unless you’re Kelly, you won’t have enough time to do manoeuvres. Only by taking the correct line and pumping quickly inside the barrel will you have options to link all of the sections.
Optimal Conditions
  • Wave
  • Wind
  • Tide
    Medium - High
  • Swell
  • Bottom
    Coral reef
  • Size
    6 to 10 ft
  • Time of year
    From march to october
Suggested Spots