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Padang Padang

Padang Padang

Bali - Bukit - West Coast, Indonesia

Surf, Bodyboard

Padang Padang is the queen wave in Bali and is located on the west coast of the famous Bukit peninsula that hosts within a few kilometres some of the best waves in the world. Here all adjectives fall short, this legendary left has the largest barrel in Bali and is the most technical and demanding wave. Basically it's the wave that makes the difference and when it gets a big swell, the best locals in Bali and some of the best pros are going to surf it. If you are in Bali and it gets higher than ten feet, you should leave everything and go to the Padang Padang cliffs to watch the show. Only try it out if you have the highest level. It will be difficult to catch a good wave of the set, but, if you succeed, it will be an incredible barrel and one of the best waves of your life.

Anytime is a good time to visit Padang Padang. Observe the panoramic views from the bridge and go through the legendary cave down to the beach, just like you, the best pros in history have passed through there at some point. In addition there is always a good atmosphere and if you have a lower level there is a good wave in front of the beach which is a good ride for beginners. There's also a surf school and some warungs to eat and drink at. You are in Bali and this means you need to take some essential precautions. If you rent a bike you must respect the rules, be careful with heavy traffic and it's very important that you always have your international licence with you. You won't find it difficult to get to Padang Padang, just ask for the road towards Uluwatu.



Padang Padang is one of the best lefts in the world and you'll see this when you see its speed and wide tube that has nothing to envy about the legendary Pipeline. It is not easy for it to start working because it needs a good period, good wind and a powerful SW swell between 6 and 8 feet, Uluwatu serves as a reference because if it starts to phase out, Padang Padang starts to work.

Here, it's important to remember that like other waves in Bali, you shouldn't think that the smallest is the most attainable, it's the opposite because there's less water and so it's easy to hit the reef. With any conditions, unless you possess a high level, avoid the low tide. It is highly recommended to wear booties.

The drop in at Padang Padang requires a lot of technique. Sometimes many drop in at the backdoor, holding well through the bottom, automatically going inside the barrel that grows as the reef collecting the water gets shallower. It looks easy due to its perfection but from the take off, take into account that if you don't choose well, or if you make the smallest error, you'll surely find yourself on the sharp and feared reef, mostly at the low tides each month. If there are good waves at Padang Padang it will be the locals that set the pace of the session as what may be a challenge for you, is a fun attraction park for them.
Optimal Conditions
  • Wave
  • Wind
    SE - ESE
  • Tide
    Medium tide
  • Swell
    SSW - SW
  • Bottom
    Coral Reef
  • Size
    5 to 10 ft
  • Time of year
    Mayo - October
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