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Mentawai islands - Siberut , Indonesia

Surf, Bodyboard

Rifles is one of the best right point breaks in the world, and it couldn't be any other way as it's located in the heart of the 'Playground', on the east of the small island of Pulau Karangmajat, south of Siberut, one of the largest Mentawai islands. To reach Rifles there are currently three main ways, one is by going in one of the boats that operate throughout the year for these islands. Another is to stay in the resorts and surf camps scattered around the area. With regards to these options, It is important that you tell them where to pick you up as it could be from the airport, in Muara Padang port, or at Muara Siberut port depending on the terms of the operator. 

The next option is the cheapest but also the most complex. From Padang airport you head to Muara Padang port by taxi where there is a ferry that after a ten hour long journey, reaches Muara Siberut port. The small island of Pulau Masokut, known locally as Nyang Nyang, is a 2 hour boat ride away, and from there it's just a few minutes from the waves by boat. Join other surfers on your adventure to share the costs and from there a local will be able to take you in no time to any wave at the Playground. In Nyang Nyang you can find cheaper accommodation options and traditional places to eat and drink. It's said that Rifles is the best wave at the Playground even though it isn't the most consistent. You just need to make sure that when it's on you're fully prepared for the challenge.



Rifles requires a high level because it's super fast and hollow from start to finish. With optimal conditions it can reach 400 metres in length, being a challenge to surf long distances through the fast barrelling sections that take your skills to the limit. Make sure your fastest boards are ready because you'll need them. 

The best time of year for it to work is from March to November, with a solid SW swell, and it's better with no wind or light NW. The best and most suitable size is a little over 6 ft as below this is slightly more treacherous and it's more diffcult to link the sections. The best tide is high to medium. It's very important to avoid low tide because it's very dangerous and the coral bed can ruin your trip. Be careful of the current at high tide because sometimes it is strong.
Optimal Conditions
  • Wave
  • Wind
    W - NW
  • Tide
    High - Medium
  • Swell
    S - SW
  • Bottom
    Coral Reef
  • Size
    4 to 12 ft
  • Time of year
    From March to November
Suggested Spots