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Pasta Point

Pasta Point

Male - Northern Atolls, Maldives


Pasta Point is one of the private waves in the North Male atoll in the Maldives, a real paradise of crystal clear water with a world class left hand point break where you will soon find out who you'll be sharing the wave with as only a limited number of guests are allowed into this unique luxurious resort that's in front of the wave. Pasta Point was discovered in 1973 by Tony Hussein, considered the father of surf in the Maldives, when his boat capsized whilst en route between Sri Lanka and Reunion. The result was that while the rest of the crew left, Tony stayed as he knew the extraordinary potential the waves in the Maldives possessed. Eventually he converted to Islam, as required by the rules of the country, and married a Maldivian. He spent his days at Pasta Point, eating pasta at the Italian restaurant that was there and that was the reason for its curious name. He managed to keep it a secret until the Tari Village Resort appeared in 1980.

Here it's unusual for more than eight people to be in the water, the rest of the surfers, each time more, are distributed around the other good waves that are nearby like Sultans, Honky's and Jails, which was also discovered and named by Tony. Pasta Point is one of the most consistent waves in the North Male atoll because there's a 40 metre deep channel just in front that directs the sets towards the reef. A mechanical wave that opens up well with any size, very rippable and always enough punch. If you can afford to spend a few days here you'll not only enjoy a good wave but also, thanks to the exclusivity, you'll be able to progress well in just a short time like in no other place.


It's a mechanical wave that doesn't matter if breaks with 2 or 8 feet as it's exactly the same, it just changes in size and some of the sections become hollower. The season starts in April and runs through to October, when the Antarctic Ocean is pumping with the best swells from the south. A north wind component and southeast swell with 5 or 6 feet are the perfect conditions for all of its sections to break. From Macaronis, it bowls through the barrel which leads to the second section of the Gonzo Bowl and finishes on the inside of Lockjaws, in the fastest and shallowest part. You need to keep in mind that there is sometimes a current when the tide rises.

Optimal Conditions
  • Wave
  • Wind
    NW - N
  • Tide
  • Swell
    SE - S
  • Bottom
    Coral reef
  • Size
    3 to 8 ft
  • Time of year
    From March to October
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