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Mehdia Plage

Mehdia Plage

Kenitra - Northern Morocco, Morocco

Surf, Bodyboard

If you head from Casablanca towards the extreme north of Morocco, you’ll find Mehdia Plage. It’s known as Morocco’s surf mecca and is the most well known and consistent spot in Morocco with many wave options. Mehdia was chosen by the EE.UU. to be the Franco – United States strategic point and military base in Africa to face the German forces during the Second World War. Thanks to the arrival of the military, in the sixties a soldier called Claude Bérard took a surfboard there and shared it with Henri Coggia Pierre and Chalaud 'Mamoune', one of the beach lifeguards. The word soon spread and little by little American and Australian hippies arrived and transmitted their love of the waves to the first Moroccan surfers.

Mehdia is just one step away from Europe and you can find direct flights to Rabat or Casablanca. You don’t have to travel too far once you’re there as it’s only 45 minutes away from Rabat Airport and 2 hours from Casablanca Airport. The roads are good and the area is easy to get to from the A-1 motorway. Mehdia is one of the places in Morocco that is most accustomed to tourism. They treat visitors well and it’s very easy to find accommodation, there are various surf camps and houses in the streets behind the beach.

Mehdia Marocco

The road towards the port is full of restaurants and various shops which offer a warm and friendly environment. Mehdia is Kenitra’s beach, and is one of the liveliest places in the region where families and children go to play and spend the day. Surfers and bodyboarders from all over the world know about this place as it has very good waves suitable for all levels throughout the whole year. There are various main spots; Moune, Chlihat and Sharatan and each requires certain conditions. The peaks are protected by a large local community however, there are times when there is nobody and other times when it gets quite crowded. This is mostly in the afternoons when there are quite a few locals in the water but they are very nice people and welcome you with respect. Some of the best local surfers are Walid and Nabil and some of the excellent bodyboarders are the champion Anass Haddar and locals like Anouar Kaouch and Ayoub.


The best time is from October until April when the best swells cross from the north Atlantic to the Moroccan coast. The Moune is the most consistent and most well known spot. It’s a long and powerful right that breaks over a permanent sandbank that forms next to the south breakwater. This long breakwater protects the waves from the north winds and the sets advance along it, increasing more in quality than at any other place on the beach towards the south.

It works best at mid tide, better if it’s rising. However, it is possible to catch waves with any tide apart from during high tide with a small swell because the waves disappear, so with those conditions it’s better to look for beach breaks along the whole of the enormous beach. The wave works from 1 to 12 feet and holds quite a good size but the ideal swell is WNW, between one and two metres. Glassy conditions are common in the winter at sunrise and sunset. On days with breezes that come from the east over the land, Moune has long, fast barrels in the second section. The lefts are sometimes good as well but they are a lot shorter. Overall, it’s a good spot for all levels as although it is big, you can learn or practice by the shore near to the breakwater. 

Mehdia Surfing

Another popular spot is Sharatan. It’s a long left with fast sections, even barrels, and is located in the Sebu River estuary. It only works well with heavy seas, more than a three metre swell. The breakwaters at the estuary filter the sets and the long left starts breaking at the south breakwater over a rocky slab. It’s best with mid to high tide. At this spot you need to be very careful as it’s the port entrance for the boats. The currents are also very strong both ways depending if the tide is falling or rising. The main disadvantage is that the river is very contaminated and full of residue at times which is a shame as it’s a very high quality wave when it breaks. The Chilihat left and other quality peaks are behind the north breakwater, but it’s advisable to exercise caution to access them as knowledge of the area is important.

Optimal Conditions
  • Wave
  • Wind
  • Tide
  • Swell
    W - NW
  • Bottom
  • Size
    1 to 10 ft
  • Time of year
    From October to April
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