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Coruña - Valdoviño - Galicia , Spain


Pantín is one of the most well-known Spanish spots. Located in Galicia, it stands out for having good quality and consistent waves throughout the whole year. It’s like a wave factory and this is exactly why it’s called the Pantín factory. It’s been forty years since photos were taken of the first ever surfer at Pantín, the legendary Galician Carlos Bremón. Along with him, the other pioneer was Vicente Irisarri, considered as the founder of the Pantín Classic which brought the spot international recognition. The Pantín Classic is currently, since the WCT removed Mundaka from the tour, the most important international surf event in Spain. It has seen many of the world’s best surfers as it’s been a stop of the WQS circuit for years, of which 2014 saw the celebration of the 27th edition. The success of this event isn’t just down to the quality of the waves or the beauty of the place, but because the dates of the event fall in the summer and this brings a huge amount of spectators. Thanks to the natural amphitheatre which offers grassy stadium like stands, you can sit and enjoy the excellent views, not only of the competition but of the other activities which are also organised on the beach, for example surf baptisms for kids that want to experience the world of waves.


Pantín is an especially beautiful place, with pure white sand and extremely clean waters, a place that has good transport links nowadays and is easily accessible despite being surrounded by vegetation rich cliffs. There are large parking areas with wooden walkways to the sand, showers that work all year round and some of the best lifeguards in the area on patrol during the summer, many of which are also surfers who know the local spots well. Other options are Valdoviño to the west, a very large and exposed sandy beach with a multitude of peaks. Just one minute to the east of Pantín is Baleo Beach. It’s a quiet beach as it is so close to Pantín and is half hidden, however, it can occasionally bring nice surprises. When Pantín is big, you have the option to surf at Cedeira or at the sandy Villarube Beach, a beach which is very good quality at low tide but it isn’t easy to get to and only the people that know the area know when it breaks well.

Pantín Beach is an hour and a half away from the international airport in the important city Santiago de Compostela and just 15 kilometres away from the Ferrol estuary and port. Finally, it has to be mentioned that Pantín has a good position, nestled between Valdoviño (4km) y Cedeira (10km), villages which you should also bear in mind because they host many other good quality spots, and depending on the swell direction and wind, there will always be somewhere with surfable conditions. Without doubt, this area in the north west corner of Spain is, due to its exposure and the amount, variety and consistency of its spots, one of the best, not only in Europe but also increasingly in the world.


The northern orientation of Pantín together with the close proximity of Campelo Beach means that the swell enters more directly and with bigger waves. It’s one of the most consistent beaches in Galicia as the geomorphology of the cliffs that are enclosed in the horseshoe shaped bay forces the powerful waves towards its sandbanks. This protection from the cliffs also allows it to maintain the same flow of currents and the dynamics of the sandbanks don’t change. A good wetsuit is important in Galicia as the water is cold all year round, 4 mm is a safe bet but during the summer some use 3 mm, sometimes even 2 mm. The exposure of this spot to the strong winter storms from December to March means there are surf conditions most days.

With regards to the optimal conditions, the best time is often when the better weather begins in the spring and summer until September and October when it has the best conditions of the year. The swell normally enters from the NW, W and it benefits from the cliffs which protect it from the dominant NW winds which ruin the surf at most of the nearby beaches. The best conditions are between one and two metres with a low to mid rising tide, although there are good waves with all tides, and the best wind component is S, SE being ideal.


Surfable waves of up to five metres occasionally break at Pantín, making it the spot which holds the biggest size in Galicia and in addition, you can enter more safely thanks to the canals to the right of the sand. Pantín doesn’t need too much power as it receives a lot of swell, it’s normal to surf waves of over two metres, something that the great Galician surfers are used to and which you can find nearly all year round at Pantín.

There are various peaks at Pantín thanks to its size, however the legendary peak where the locals usually surf is the one that breaks at the right side of the beach, a very consistent right that breaks over a permanent sandbank and is the best quality wave on the whole beach which holds its size with any tide. There is also a good left but it’s more changeable and less consistent than the right. On the left of the beach there are other peaks, such as Marnela, which are better with low tide. To get good waves at this part of the beach you need low tide and quite a lot of W or NW swell, however, it’s an area with many varied peaks for all tastes and levels. Not many people go there, not even the locals, as when it breaks they prefer the other options at the nearby beaches.

There are a lot of currents at Pantín so you should be extremely cautious. There are two canals to go in from, one is right by the small island on the right of the beach and there is a central canal between the main peak where the Pantín Classic is held and the left side of the beach. If the conditions are hard, be patient when you are paddling out. Sometimes it’s better to catch a wave out and go back in using the canal.
Optimal Conditions
  • Wave
  • Wind
    S - SE
  • Tide
  • Swell
    W - NW
  • Bottom
  • Size
    1 to 10 ft
  • Time of year
    All year round
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