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Barra Grande

Barra Grande

Barra Grande - Piauí, Brazil


Barra Grande is in Cajueiro da Praia, in Piauí state, northeast Brazil. It’s the only state that has three national parks although this is one of the places where you’ll find the least tourism. It’s located quite far away from the main cities, 450 kilometres from Fortaleza and 250 kilometres from Jericoacoara. On this part of the coast by the Atlantic Ocean you’ll find large river deltas which are frequented by birds and manatees so be sure to take care and respect the animals whilst you are sailing. It’s the quietest beach in Brazil and is well known among professional kitesurfers as the PKRA Grand Slam Freestyle Kite Pro is held there in October.


The spot is forty minutes away from Parnaíba International Airport and if you hire a car from the airport you will have to take it for the entire trip as there are no companies around Barra Grande. It’s a small fishing village surrounded by nature with sandy streets where donkeys are still the main form of transport. The Barra Grande beach has warm, clear waters and when the tide rises the first small waves that are perfect for getting some air appear. During low tide it’s flat water and the best place to sail is in front of BGK as the bottom is free from rocks. You’ll also find La Boca, the river mouth, just two kilometres away, it’s a large lagoon in the mangroves just behind a sand dune which causes the wind to blow over it, leaving flat water.


The wind is constant, between 18 and 25 knots and it generally blows side shore from the E. These conditions, together with small waves at high tide, flat water at low tide and the spacious area by the Parnaíba Delta make Barra Grande a perfect spot for freestyle. The best time to visit is from July through to January, as it’s when there is strong wind nearly every day. In September and December the wind picks up a lot, to over 30 knots. Small kites are used nearly all year round.
Optimal Conditions
  • Type
  • Wind
  • Tide
    Low - High
  • Bottom
    Sand and Reef
  • Time of year
    July to January
Suggested Spots