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Barra Grande

Barra Grande - Piauí , Brazil


Few places on the Brazilian coast have been preserved as well as this one in their pure, natural state. The sandy streets are lined with gardens full of fruit trees and flowers. The peacefulness is characteristic of this place which is free from mass tourism. There are plenty of inns and hotels to choose from, each one with its own offers and activities such as walks around the Parnaíba Delta, Lençois Maranhenses, nearby mountain ranges etc. Take into account that there are no petrol stations or banks nearby so you’ll need to go prepared.

La Barratur is an association which organises diverse ecological walks in total harmony with nature. The Cavalo Marinho tour is the most popular with tourists that visit. You can walk or take a kayak around the beautiful waters, adventuring through the mangroves, enjoy the lush flora and fauna and swim amongst the exotic seahorses. You can also go horse riding or go on boat trips along the small rivers of the Parnaíba Delta. Eco Adventure Tour have their own boats to use and can help you to organise the horse riding trips.
More about Barra Grande?
Barra Grande is in Cajueiro da Praia, in Piauí state, northeast Brazil. It’s the only state that has three national parks although this is one of the places where you’ll find th... More information
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