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Cumbuco - Ceará , Brazil

Cumbuco has many restaurants that suit all budgets. There are numerous cabins and kiosks at the spot where you can get a drink and a snack. Cauipe Beach is a good alternative with medium waves and five kilometres of coastline and there are also two other world class spots that are nearby. The first, Lagoa do Tabua, suitable for intermediate and advanced levels, is located further south, 5 kilometres from Cumbuco. The most economical way to get there is by bus; take the line that goes to Fortaleza city and ask the driver to stop at the lagoon where the flat water, fine sand and 20-25 knots of wind awaits you. Just avoid going on Sundays when it gets packed with locals. The second, Lagoa do Taiba is 20 kilometres north of Cumbuco and you can reach it by the main road if you have a hire car or by a buggy along the beach. The wind is stronger there, around 25 knots, and the average water temperature is 27 degrees. There are a few bars selling sandwiches and drinks along with some shaded areas.

There’s a great atmosphere in Cumbuco but it’s a very relaxed place so if you’re looking for some nightlife you should head to Fortaleza. The market stalls at the ‘Mercado Central’ or at the Feirinha Beira Mar are full of local crafts, ranging from ceramics to lace and leather products. In the city centre you’ll find the Nuestra Señora de la Asunción fort which was built by the Dutch in 1649 and marks the birthplace of the city and its adjoining suburbs that are full of culture and artists.

Cumbuco Brazil
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Cumbuco is a small fishing village on the northeast coast of Brazil, around 30 kilometres from Fortaleza. It is becoming increasingly popular for both national and international... More information
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