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Vale do Anhangabau

Vale do Anhangabau

Sao Paulo, Brazil



Vale do Anhangabaú is a public park located in the historic centre of São Paulo. It's where you'll find the manual pads and overlapping ledges that Rodrigo TX made famous in Brazil and the rest of the world through videos like És and The Firm. Besides appearing in popular skate videos, they have held various events there such as the annual championship and the Skate University Tour Vale do Anhangabaú, where they set up elements from the skate plaza as well as using the park ledges.


There are two block surfaces which you can use as manual pads, ledges, blocks or a combination thereof. It has many possibilities, although the lower floor is made of paving stone and the narrow passageway is the only space you have to enter the ledge. In this square you can also attend plays, political demonstrations, shows and even watch movies and soap operas. It is one of the most famous places in the city, not just for skaters, but for tourists too.

A lot of the edges are a little deteriorated, which is normal as it's been skated since the eighties. Keep in mind that July and August are good months for skating as it's when there is least rainfall.
What’s there?
  • Ledges
    Ledges, Manual pads
  • Stairs
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