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The minimum recommended age is 14 years

Skatepark Los Reyes

Skatepark Los Reyes

Santiago, Chile



The Los Reyes Skatepark is one of the biggest in Chile. It has a big street zone and a bowl that develops into the shape of a snake. It has been host to events such as the Vans Royal Sidestripe. The bowls develop progressively from being gentle to quite vertical. The street zone is characterised by a large bank which has a respectable handrail, a quarter with curving, a ramp to get air and a set of stairs with a hubba and an accessible handrail. Admission is free and it's solely for skaters.


You'll find a large parking area close to the skatepark. There are toilets and if you want to buy food or drink there are often trollies lying around. Be careful and keep an eye on where you leave your backpack. At the weekends it gets super busy. This skatepark is outdoors so bear in mind that the wettest time is between May and September.
What’s there?
  • Funboxes
  • Rails
  • Ledges
    Hubba, ledges, Manual pad, Curve ledge
  • Pipes
    Quarter, Wallride, Spines, Curving, Bowls
  • Jumps
    Bank, Ramp, Eurogaps, Hips
  • Stairs
    4 Stairs
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