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Tirúa - Arauco - Biobio , Chile

One of the most interesting places to visit is the Isla Mocha National Reserve, an island 30 kilometres away that stands out for its history, rusticity, wildlife, vegetation and geography. The spa town Quidico is a holiday resort and a traditional fisherman’s cove that is frequently visited due to its large beach and abundant winds. Some interesting attractions in Tirúa are the Municipal Stadium, la Medialuna de Rodeo and of course its beaches, of which we can highlight Casa de Piedra, El Hoyon, Puerto Choque, Tranaquepe, Las Huertas, Cura, Playa Grande, Playa El Padre, Playa El Muerto, Las Agatas, Hueñaliquen, Loberia, La Mina y Playa Comillahue. Lake Lleulleu is surrounded by steep hills and natural forests. The area is used for camping, fishing and windsurfing. Lleulleu is more isolated and wilder than Lake Lanalhue which is located in the Cañete commune.
More about Tirúa?
Tirúa is the southernmost coastal commune in the Arauco province, around ten hours by car south of Santiago. With a population of no more than ten thousand habitants, it’s a pla... More information
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