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The minimum recommended age is 14 years

Sankt Peter-Ording

Sankt Peter-Ording

Schleswig - Holstein, Germany


The Sankt Peter-Ording beach has such a huge extension, twelve kilometres long and up to two kilometres wide, that it’s divided into sections. You’ll have to pay a tourist fee to be able to park on the beach and in the wider zones you’ll need to fight against the wind to get to the water with your equipment. The good thing is that there is a lot of wind and when it’s strong and from the NW, it generates good waves, above all in the first two hours when the tide is falling. With onshore wind, the south beach is an option, although it’s quite a way between the car park and the water. The best time of year is from March to October. In the summer, July and August, the beach is full of life and there is more tourism, meaning there are more leisure activities and nightlife on offer.



In general this spot has choppy conditions. With strong NW wind there’ll be big waves. Take care with the low tide as there can be strong currents. When there is S wind, you could find that there is a strong N current and it’ll be difficult to go upwind. During the summer months of July and August there could be some windy days but it’s better during the rest of the year.
Optimal Conditions
  • Type
    Waves, Freeride, Race
  • Wind
    E, NW, SW
  • Tide
  • Swell
    NW, W, SW, E
  • Bottom
  • Time of year
    From March to October
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