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East Java, Indonesia

Surf, Bodyboard

G-Land is located in Grajagan Bay at the most easterly point of Java Island. The sets create perfect lines along an extensive reef on the south side of the bay which makes this legendary left point break one of the best and longest in the world. Currently, to get there, we recommend going from the neighbouring island of Bali. You'll be able to get a lot of information from any of the agencies there but you'll see that the best option, as it's the quickest, is to go by fast-boat because they'll take you to one of the surfcamps in just over two hours. Before long you'll be in a place surrounded by jungle inhabited mainly by fishermen who, whilst doing their work, smile every time you go into the water, because they know that you are going to one of the best waves in the world. 

It was at the beginning of the seventies when surf seekers like Bob Laverty, Mike Boyum and Bobby Radiasa organised the first expeditions to G-Land. It was a time when resources were scarce and the exuberant wildlife made surfing out there a challenge. It was like this until the early eighties when images of Gerry Lopez and Peter McCabe started to spread revealing G-Land to the world. This place isn't so remote anymore but it continues to resist the passage of time and thanks to the environmental protection by the local authorities, it remains practically the same as when it was first discovered.

G-Land has hosted some incredible events, like the Quiksilver Pro Java which the legendary Kelly Slater won in 1995. Now many want it to go back to being a host for the WCT but the political instability and the large costs involved make it difficult. G-Land is a great surf trip and it's important to train before you go as the sessions are long and it's important to make the most of the good tides. Sometimes the sets arrive late and in this line up of more than a kilometre you may think that you're not waiting in the right place, but be patient because you can't chase G-Land, it has to come to you.



The G-Land line up is longer than a kilometre and the best time of year is from May to September, when the swell comes more from the south, it opens up all of its sections better. Although it consists of several sections, it has four main ones. Kongs is the first and most consistent, it's strange as even with two feet you can surf it,  It's a quite a long (300m) rideable section and holds a lot of size. Pay attention as at the end of Kongs, there's a point to enter the water called Keyhole and it's essential at low tide.

The second section is called Moneytrees, 200 metres of pure perfection where with 6 feet, any experienced surfer will enjoy the classic, green barreling walls of G-Land. At the end of Moneytrees the wave closes out but it quickly returns to form in the next section, Launching Pads, where as the name states, it's a take off towards the longest barrel in G-Land, in the last section, Speedies, which is also the most demanding. You should take care at low tide because it gets quite shallow and there are tricky currents so, it's better with the highest tide.
For the less experienced, there are some more accessible waves further down the beach, the left, 20/20, is smaller than G-Land but with sufficient swell it's a delight and also a place where occasionally there are good barrels. If you go even further you have Tiger Tracks, a right off a reef which is a lot of fun.

Optimal Conditions
  • Wave
    Left pointbreak
  • Wind
    E - SE
  • Tide
    Medium - High
  • Swell
    SW - S
  • Bottom
    Coral reef
  • Size
    2 to 15 ft
  • Time of year
    From March to November
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