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Lakey Peak

East Sumbawa , Indonesia

Being in Lakey Peak means living in harmony with the natural environment around you. Relax and go for a walk by Hu'u Bay, try looking for a kayak, go fishing or diving and above all, if you are a person who is touched by humanitarian work you should ask about the Harapan Sumbawa Project, a project that involves the construction of a partner school in the town of Hu'u with the aim of improving the living conditions of the local population. Fortunately this centre is under construction and the Harapan project has gained the support of the Indonesian government, many people, surfers and professionals who selflessly help the community with it.

The Harapan project was started thanks to a Spanish guy called Carlos who everyone there knows. He worked as a lawyer and from the first time he went to Lakey Peak he felt like he had to do a little something to improve the lives of the people and children. Since then his life has been about raising funds, getting medicine and equipment, teaching and playing games with them. If you go to Lakey Peak take something in your backpack for them, for example some medicine or pens, or anything that seems like nothing to you but could make a child there smile.
More about Lakey Peak?
Lakey Peak is a wave located east of Sumbawa in the Dompu area, near to the small village Hu'u. To get there you have two options. The first is to fly to Bima airport and from t... More information
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