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No Kandui

Mentawai islands - Siberut , Indonesia

Even though it’s a remote virgin place you can visit the fascinating Siberut Nature Park, one of the best biodiversity reserves in the world. There you can discover the unique species that have evolved in a distinct way due to the isolation of the island. You’ll enjoy a unique cuisine in Indonesia and be able to try exotic fruits that you won’t find in other places, like the Jack fruit or the Dorian. You shouldn’t miss the chance to visit a native tribe. Of course, don’t forget your snorkelling mask as you’ll be able to see thousands of colourful tropical fish around the coral reefs that surround this archipelagic paradise. 
More about No Kandui ?
No Kandui or Kandui left breaks along a large reef which is located on the northeast coast of the Karangmajat Island and there is one wave more of the Playground in southern Sib... More information
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