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Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen

Solidaridad - Quintana Roo, Mexico


Playa del Carmen is a city in Solidaridad, located in the north of the Yucatán peninsula, an hour from Cancún. The coast enjoys Caribbean waters and forms part of the Riviera Maya. It’s a tourist destination and receives constant winds. In fact, it has been host to international competitions like the PKRA.

It’s prohibited to sail in the centre of Playa del Carmen, but kitesurfing is authorised at Playacar and Coco Beach. Both are white sand beaches with a backdrop of rainforests. Access for kiters is limited and it’s mainly a place for experienced riders due to the affluence of bats, jet skis, divers and bathers. The best time to sail there is from November to May when the side-onshore winds are dominant. The component is mainly NNE and NE, usually between 13 and 18 knots. The wind component in the summer is usually weaker and from the SE. To get there, the easiest way is to get a bus from the Cancun Airport to the centre of Cancún and another bus or taxi from there. If you go by car from Cancún, it just takes an hour on the Carretera Cancún – Tulum/Mexico 307 towards the south.



The best time to sail is from November to May, when the side-onshore wind is dominant. It’s mainly NNE and NE between 13 and 18 knots. In the summer, the component is SE and weaker. Due to the hazards of boats, divers and swimmers etc., it’s a spot for experienced riders. With a big swell, the waves break on the shore, making it difficult for beginners and intermediates, but there are many easier alternatives around like Punta Esmeralda.
Optimal Conditions
  • Type
    Wave, Freestyle, Race
  • Wind
    NNE, NE, SE, E
  • Tide
  • Bottom
  • Time of year
    From November to May
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