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Pohnpei - Micronesia , Micronesia

Pohnpei is an archipelago formed by islands that are in reality volcanic mountains submerged in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. This location and nature makes it incredibly beautiful and fertile with abundant water and vegetation. It's surprising that this island doesn't have any beaches, its people say that the legend of the Gods created such a beautiful place and they decided not to have any beaches as they knew that man would destroy the original beauty of them in the future. It's recommended to hire a car as it takes about three hours to make a trip around the whole island, enjoying the unique spectacular nature. In the main cities, you'll find operators that can help with diving, hiking trips, trips to see the Sahwartik and Kaprohei waterfalls or take you to the strategic points to see the schools of barracudas and maybe the occasional shark.

But if there is something important and interesting that you cannot miss it's the aquatic city of Nan Madol, the ancient Venice of the Pacific, where you'll see the ruins of this enigmatic city that was founded at the beginning of our era. Another exciting tour is to go to the Sokehs mountains, where the former Japanese military had an observation post in World War II. You'll see it among the lush vegetation along with rusty old tanks sticking out and other war artifacts from that era.

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The right-hander P-Pass is located in the central west of the Pacific Ocean on Pohnpei Island, which is also known as the Emerald of the Pacific because of its beauty. It belong... More information
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