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Playa de Famara

Lanzarote - Canary Island , Spain

The northwest is probably where you can best appreciate the island’s natural beauty. You can explore the rocky coastline and feel the power of nature. Two kilometres north of Ye, you can visit the Mirador del Rio viewing point and see the incredible sights of the old lava flows meeting the sea, La Graciosa Island and the other volcanic islets. On the way to the viewing point, you should stop at Haira, an oasis of palms with scatterings of colourful bougainvillea and poinsettias. On glassy days, if you want an adventure, you can rent a SUP from Orzola and paddle to the smaller islands.

Another thing that you shouldn’t miss is Jameos del Agua, a recently restored centre for art and culture, designed by César Manrique. It’s a place where the architecture merges harmoniously with nature. There are natural volcanic caves that have formed tunnels, some connect various zones, and some have lakes due to the filtration as they are below sea level. They are of great ecological interest because they have native endemic and endangered species, like the blind crab which only resides in these beautiful formations.
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Famara is known as one of the most spectacular beaches in Teguise, Lanzarote. It starts in the La Caleta de Famara village and extends across six kilometres to the foot of the m... More information
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