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Barcelona - Cataluña, Spain



Les Tres XemeneiesParalel has recently been demolished for the construction of a skatepark. It is the end of this notorius place which was representative of skateboarding worldwide. The park which is being built will change the landscape of manni pads and ledges for prefabricated skatepark modules which without doubt will not replace this legendary street sopt. RIP Paralel. 

Les Tres Xemeneies, in the Poble Sec neighbourhood is host to one of the most well known spots in the world. It's located near to the Paral-lel metro station and this is how it's commonly called between skaters. This spot seems to have been designed by a skater as it is packed with manual pads with metal corners which also serve as ledges. Although there are some worn parts, this is one of the most popular spots.

Along with the famous planters, there are wooden benches to jump, a long ledge without exit and a slightly sloped floor, marble curbs and and half-cone that serves as wallride. It's a perfect spot for tricks, both original and technical. It's hard to find skate videos from here that don't show images of these mani pads. The wallrides championship Coast To Coast is also celebrated there. The chimneys of the old power plant, the different sculptures and the graffiti covered walls are very characteristic of the place, giving the place and the skaters which go there day to day their identity.

Les Tres Xemeneies

The manual pads are perfect but when you want to use them as edges you'll see that they are quite worn as it's a spot which has experienced many skate sessions. There are often a lot of children playing football in the part where the wooden benches are. Take care, especially if you are filming as there are triangular holes from the trees along the way. The police don't usually pass there and it's busiest in July and August, which is also the best time of year to skate there.
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  • Ledges
    Ledges, Manual pads
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