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Pozo Izquierdo

Pozo Izquierdo

Santa Lucía - Canarias , Spain


Pozo Izquierdo is located in the southeast of Gran Canaria in a town called Santa Lucía de Tirajana. It’s known worldwide for its ideal wind and wave conditions and it has been the headquarters for the Wave Riding PWA World Tour since 1988. Its waters have honed the skills of world champions like Björn Dunkerbeck and the Ruano sisters, Daida and Iballa. It’s easy to get to Pozo Izquierdo Beach, or El Arenal as it is also known, as Gran Canaria's airport is just twenty minutes north. Just follow the motorway south and take the exit for Vecindario.

It’s one of the most reliable destinations where you can find good sailing conditions with moderate to strong winds throughout nearly the whole year. The trade winds and the swell make this spot perfect for practising any of the windsurf disciplines. The international windsurf centre is located on the beachfront along with its hostel, equipment lock up, swimming pool and gym. June to August are more radical months, sailing with very strong winds i.e. more than 30 knots, is normal and the sensation of wind on the beach can sometimes be extreme. The tide mainly affects getting in and out of the water as it is across the rocky beach where the shoreline is full of volcanic rock and cobblestones, so it’s better to use the access ramps. Take care of the area around the bunker where the wind is gustier and the waves are bigger.



This is a spot for jumping as depending on the swell, the waves can be up to three metres high. When there is no swell it's perfect for freestyle. The NE trade winds blow strongly nearly every day from April until September and during this period a 3,4 to 4,5 sail is recommended. The side-onshore winds offer lefts and perfect conditions for jumping and surfing. There are more waves during the winter when left, N winds prevail. The S-SE winds are lighter and can bring choppy conditions so use a 4,2 to 5,3 sail. SW wind brings offshore rights with calm seas.
Optimal Conditions
  • Type
  • Wind
  • Tide
  • Bottom
  • Size
    2 to 10 ft
  • Time of year
    From May to September
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