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Bizkaia - Basque Country , Spain

Sopelana has a perfect natural environment for all nature-related sports. With beaches ideal for surfing and bodyboarding, from Batinatxe to Meñakoz cove, passing Arrietara - Atxabiribil, from west to east, you can choose where depending on your skills. The constant breezes that hit the cliffs are ideal for aerial sports like paragliding and hang gliding among others and you will find quite a few companies offering to help you take the leap. Las Peñas de Santa María and the Barinatxe cliffs are preferred by climbing lovers and the climbing wall in Iturralde Square in Sopelana is also a good alternative. Both the coastal and rural landscapes with areas of natural forest and oak trees are ideal for enjoying the trails on foot or by mountain bike. We recommend walking from Sopelana to Barrika along the coast, passing Meñakoz cove, a simple and beautiful route without the need of a car journey. Plentzia and Armintza, towns very close to Sopelana, have always had a connection with the sea. The cradle of merchants and fishermen, they are villages well worth visiting. The old town of Plentzia is a good place to spend a quiet afternoon.
More about Sopelana ?
Sopelana is a coastal town located in the Basque Country in northern Spain. It is known as the Basque North Shore due to its full exposure to the Cantabrian Sea and because some... More information
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