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Paje Beach

Paje - Zanzibar , Tanzania

Stone Town is the most important city on the island. It's name came from the reddish coral stone used for a lot of the city’s construction. The architecture, which was influenced by various cultures, and the old Indian style carved wooden doors are very characteristic. It’s a nice place to go out for a drink as there is good nightlife with excellent music.

The island was the birthplace of Freddie Mercury. Nungwi beach has a special charm and there are around 20 excellent places where you can go scuba diving or snorkelling. It’s a fishing town and the fisherman live off building boats and selling their catch directly on the beach. If you walk towards the lighthouse on the beach, you’ll come across an aquarium with marine turtles. In the Jozani Natural Park you can see two protected monkey species that can only be found in Zanzibar. They are the famous blue and red monkeys which live in the same jungle but are divided in groups. You can see them interacting up close in a spectacular environment surrounded by dense vegetation.
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Paje is a village on the island of Zanzibar, Tanzania. It’s located on the southeast of the island, between the villages Bwejuu and Jambiani. Although there are other potential ... More information
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