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El Toro

El Toro

Lake Forest - Orange, United States



The most famous twenty steps in the world of skate are located in El Toro High School. This spot was first skated by Heath Kirchart and since then, only a few have achieved board tricks there which are reflected in the history of skateboarding, like for example, Dave Bachinsky's Kickflip, TJ Rogers' Switch 180, Aaron Jaws Homoki's Flip Melon, or the Australian Shane Cross and his perfect Nosegrind on the rail. We must also say that they have also seen many falls and serious neck injuries. The intermediate handrail was removed in 2010, leaving only the stairs where they are still landing amazing tricks.


Bear in mind that it usually rains more in February. The spot is in a school and so it isn't recommended to stay too long, that is if you can get in, and the ground could be littered, which could cause an injury, so it may be a good idea to take a brush with you.
What’s there?
  • Stairs
    20 Stairs
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