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Hollywood High

Hollywood High

Los Angeles - California, United States



Hollywood High has been skated since the nineties and is one of the most famous spots in Los Angeles. This is the school where you’ll find the handrails and stairs which appear at the end of many videos. It’s situated between Sunset Blvd and N Highland Ave. There is a set of twelve stairs with rails, in the centre and at the sides. Just behind this set is where you can find something more difficult, the set of sixteen stairs with a central rail. The list of gnarly tricks at this spot is endless, from those which have been executed on the rails and stairs, to those which have included jumping the enormous black fence to land on the pavement.


If you want to motivate yourself before you go there, take a look at the following videos; Uncut by TJ Rogers with his Switch Frontside 360 on the stairs, the Heelflip Varial by Andrew Reynolds, the Frontside Flip over the fence by Ryan Decenzo and the Flip Melon by Josh Kasper, to give a few examples.

It could be that you can't stay there long as it is a school and the spot is right in the main entrance. You should get an idea of how things are with regards to the authorities if you can. It could be possible to have a longer session at night if you have some lights. The city has a subtropical climate and it usually rains in December, January, February and March, with February receiving the most rainfall.
What’s there?
  • Rails
  • Stairs
    12, 16 Stairs, Gaps
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