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LA Courthouse

LA Courthouse

Los Angeles - California, United States



West LA Courthouse, also known as Santa Monica Courthouse, is one of the most legendary spots in the world of skateboarding. Located on the Purdue Ave. and Santa Monica Blvd., it was like a second home to many skaters during street skateboarding’s golden decade from the mid-nineties until the beginning of the millennium. It’s characterised by the numerous ledges, a dry fountain, four stairs and the mythical setting, of which it became an icon among the street spots. Pros and amateurs travelled from all over the world specifically to skate there, but at the beginning of the year 2000 skateboarding was prohibited and the fountain was removed and skate stoppers were put on the ledges etc. It’s still skated as a manni pad but not like before.


The local skater from Stoner Alec Black together with Aaron Snyder were participants in the return of tis legendary spot in 2014, playing a decisive role in Nike SB’s proposal to remodel the spot for the Go Skateboarding Day of that same year. Once the stoppers had been removed from the ledges and they were freshly painted, they were like butter again. They used to be cement but now they are metal, so they are more skateable and hardwearing. Geoff McFetridge’s artwork decorated the scene at the re-opening and it was attended by Nike professionals such as Eric Koston, Paul Rodriguez, Theotis Beasle and other skaters who helped immortalise the day along with members of the city council.

To help keep it as a skate spot for many more years to come, the skaters must follow some simple guidelines which are basic common sense in that you just have to be respectful of others, the atmosphere and the place. With this level of respect, not only can skaters continue using this legendary spot, but it can also be used as an example around the world when it comes to re-opening of other great spots. Thanks to the constant fight by these passionate skaters, other generations can enjoy this great classic.

What’s there?
  • Rails
    Handrails with kink
  • Ledges
    Ledges, Manual pads, Curve ledge
  • Stairs
    4 Stairs, Gaps
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