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Stoner Skate Plaza

Stoner Skate Plaza

Los Angeles - California, United States


Skate plaza

Stoner Park Playground is in west Los Angeles in Santa Monica and has been the home of Stoner Skate Plaza since 2010. It covers 20.500 square feet and about 1.900 square metres are very well used with street sections built by California Skateparks. The park emulates street spots that are not very common but are similar to some of those that you could previously skate in the area, which makes it rather special. In addition, the distribution of the elements is comfortable allowing you to make dynamic rounds. There are some very peculiar banks, curved ledges, mani pads, edges with different heights and a small curving that can act as a ramp or a eurogap.


The city has a subtropical climate and it often rains in the winter and spring months, with February being the rainiest month. The park opens its doors Monday to Sunday from 10:00 til 17:00, making the most of the sunlight. It's nearly always full.
What’s there?
  • Rails
    Flatrails, Handrail
  • Ledges
    Hubba, Ledges, Manual pads, Curve ledge
  • Pipes
  • Jumps
    Banks, Ramps, Eurogap, Hips
  • Stairs
    4 Stairs, 2 Blocks
Suggested Spots