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Venice Beach Skatepark

Venice Beach Skatepark

Los Angeles - California, United States



This skatepark is located on one of the most famous beaches in Los Angeles. It has 16.000 square feet and you'll find bowls, a pool, many curves and a complete street zone with many edges, rails and stairs. This park is only for skaters and scooters, BMXs are not allowed and you have to wear a helmet and elbow and knee pads. If you only want to watch, you have to be outside of the park. There are no lights, so you have to make the most of the daylight hours. One big advantage is that there is no entrance fee and the atmosphere there is unbeatable.


The city has a subtropical climate and often rains during the winter and spring months, with February being the wettest month. However, if you want to see the exact weather conditions, you can go on the skatepark's website and watch the live video feed where you can check how many people are there and what the weather is like. In July and August the atmosphere on the beach is great.
What’s there?
  • Funboxes
    Funbox Hubba
  • Rails
    Flatrails, Handrails
  • Ledges
    Manual Pads, Ledges, Hubbas, Curve ledges
  • Pipes
    Bolws, Transitions, Waves, Spines, Pool
  • Jumps
    Banks, Eurogap, Hips, Ramps, Street gap
  • Stairs
    3, 4 and 9 Stairs, 3 Blocks
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