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Woodward Camp

Woodward Camp

Haines Township - Centre County - Pennsylvania, United States

Skateboarding, BMX, Roller

Skatepark, Skate plaza

Camp Woodward is one of the most action filled camps in the United States. It’s located in Woodward, Pennsylvania State. There are other Woodward camps such as Tahoe in California, Copper in Colorado or the Woodward in Beijing. The camp options are offered throughout the winter as well as the summer and encompass disciplines like free skiing, snowboarding, BMT, BMX, tumbling, gymnastics, cheerleading, rollerskating, parkour, digital media and of course, skateboarding.

The skateboard camp offers a very comprehensive programme which includes classes given by experts, accommodation, food, games and activities such as making your own board, along with competitions, excursions and visits from professionals and skateboarding legends. All of this in unprecedented facilities, since it has various skate parks, indoor and outdoor. It isn’t just for youngsters as adults can also enjoy the facilities, and even stay there.


Among the best features is the Snake Run. It’s a high speed run that opens up through a grass hill. It was built between 2011 and 2012 by California Skateparks and has original modules like wallrides, curvings and rails all the way along. You’ll also find The Launch Pad, one of the outdoor skate parks built with prefabricated modules. It has two mini ramps joined by a spine, many inclined flats, funboxes, a half pipe, cement banks, and a Manni Mania zone that’s full of planters. This zone connects to the skate plaza which is full of stairs with rails and hubbas, double sets and cement ledges.

Egypt, The School and The Playground are indoors and aimed at beginners. The last one has a small bowl, a mini sponge pool and a 4 by 68 foot mini ramp. Playground Street and F Bowl are outdoors and are also for beginners. Furthermore, The Block is an outdoor plaza, also built by California Skateparks, with ledges, rails, stairs and eurogaps. It’s a meeting point for the camp and has a large covered zone.

The Rock is a 20.000 foot zone outdoors which is made up of a large bowl, a street section with stairs, hubbas, rails and ledges. The Target Plaza is another zone by California Skateparks and it emulates street spots that you can find in big cities. It’s used for the championships and events and has stone edges, gaps, blocks, rails, hubbas, stairs, ramps, banks, a eurogap and low to high ledges. Outdoor Street is an outdoor skatepark entirely prefabricated with a central pyramid surrounded by banks and quarters, street sections with stairs, rails, ledges, a pool jump, mini ramps and a lot more.

Megaramp 2.0 is an enormous trampoline towards three different sized gaps which ends in an 18 foot quarter. Lot 8 is Woodward’s quintessential indoor park with a big vertical, a funbox circuit, a sponge pool and a bowl with a hip. Lastly, Cloud 9 is an indoor park with a lot of verticals and The Cage is an outdoor park, both are dedicated more to BMX but they have modules which you can skate too.

The skateparks are available to use all of the time but to skate every hour of every day is too much, even for fanatics, therefore there are also many complimentary leisure activities offered. Some of these options are paintball, karting, Frisbee golf, crafts, ceramics, volleyball, swimming, horse riding, music, a climbing wall and an enormous Velcro wall, and more.

The conditions at Woodward Camp are perfect as the facilities are well maintained and the weather doesn’t affect the indoor skate sessions. The camp seasons vary each year along with the prices. To get more information consult their website or contact them by email or phone.
What’s there?
  • Funboxes
    Funboxes Rail, Funboxes Hubba, Pyramids, Multifunboxes, Funboxes ledge, Funboxes Quarter
  • Rails
    Flatrails, Handrails, Handrails with kink, Flatrails with kink, Curve rails, Pole jumps
  • Ledges
    Hubbas, Ledges, Manual pads, Curve ledges, Picnic tables
  • Pipes
    Half pipes, Quarters, Wallrides, Mini ramps, Spines, Curvings, Pools, Waves, Transitions, Bowls
  • Jumps
    Banks, Ramps, Bumps, Eurogaps, Streetgaps, Hips
  • Stairs
    2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Stairs, Gaps, 3, 5 Blocks, Doubles set
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