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São Sebastião - Litoaral Paulista - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Surf, SUP, Bodyboard, Longboard

Maresias is one of the best beachbreaks in Brazil. It can be found in the city of San Sebastião, on the north coast of São Paulo. The zone has one of the biggest surf communities in the whole country and Maresias is a reference wave. It’s so important that it has been a regular stop on the ASP tour and has hosted important stops of the WQS circuit for a long time. The locals are usually the winners, for example in 1993, 1999, 2000, 2005, 2010 and the recent Maresias O’Neill SP Prime, where Filipe Toledo took the victory. The standards are high and there is a lot of prestige to be gained from winning at Maresias. The skills of many of the Brazilians that are currently in the elite WCT have been honed at these beaches, in addition to Filipe we can name Adriano de Souza, Miguel Pupo and the amazing current world champion Gabriel Medina who was born very near to Maresias Beach.

There was a time when Maresias was an authentic paradise called The Atlantic Forest as it was surrounded by native rainforest. Until nearly the eighties, the beach could only be reached by poor quality dirt roads, meaning the journey could last hours, and during the rainy season some of the roads were completely unpassable, leaving no option but to cross the Itaguare sands. These were times of adventure when friends camped out on the beach in front of the ocean. With the construction of the Rio-Santos road, deforestation gradually took over to make way for urbanisation and what was once a place visited only by surfers and alternative people has today become the hottest place with a multitude of accommodation and leisure options and the best clubs and Samba bars on the Sao Paulo coast. Maresias is the place to be for those who want to have fun day and night. It’s a beautiful beach and an excellent base from where you can explore the rest of the region but bear in mind that Maresias is more expensive than other parts of Brazil, especially when it comes to food and accommodation. The roads and beaches also get very busy during the summer months and public holidays as it’s a meeting point not only for surf and bodyboard enthusiasts, but also to play beach football and volleyball.

Maresias Beach is five kilometres long. The thickness of the sand makes it create steep banks near to the shore which make the waves break with more energy, but depending on the conditions, there are also other excellent quality and consistent beachbreaks nearby as well as the occasional reef and some other pointbreaks. Some examples are Boiçucanga, Camburizinho, the localistic Camburi and Barra do Sahy. Skateboarding is also very popular around Maresias. There are many skate parks near to Sao Sebastian and it has one of the largest skate communities in Brazil. There are nine parks with ramps, hubbas, banks and street zones in Baraqueçaba, Boiçucanga, Barra do Una, Maresias, Pontal da Cruz and Itatinga.

Maresias is 176 kilometres from São Paulo. The easiest option is to fly to São Paulo -Guarulhos International Airport. On leaving the airport, follow the Ayrton Senna Road in the direction of Rio de Janeiro and when it crosses with the SP-088 head right towards Mogi das Cruces. Cross Mogi and get on the SP-098 which takes you towards the ocean. When you reach the ocean, turn left and head north to take the famous Rio-Santos (SP-055/BR-101). Maresias is on this road before Sao Sebastião. The bus company Litoranea have a route from the Tiete terminal at the airport to Maresias but make sure you check the timetable beforehand.


It’s a beach which is exposed to any S swell during the main season, from April to October. Throughout the rest of the year, especially the central winter months, the predominant wind is offshore, N, but the swell is less consistent. The sand banks are known for offering powerful, barrelling waves which work from 2 to 15 feet. When the waves break over 8 feet, you should only surf there if you are physically strong enough and have a good enough level to face the fast waves and strong currents as there are no channels to help you paddle out.

Maresias has two main peaks. Corner Moreira, which is to the right of the beach, is considered by many as the best right hand barrel in the whole of São Paulo and therefore gets crowded when it’s working. It can easily reach 10 feet with a solid south swell. It favours offshore E wind. In the left corner of the beach there is a left which only breaks when the conditions are big enough and there are also some nice beachbreaks with a good S swell and even with a small SE swell. If Maresias isn’t good, check the right side of the small Pauba Beach.
Optimal Conditions
  • Wave
  • Wind
  • Tide
  • Swell
  • Bottom
  • Size
    3 to 8 ft
  • Time of year
    From May to October
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