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Klitmøller – Thisted Municipality, Denmark


Klitmøller is a small fishing village located on the west coast of Denmark, just ten kilometres southwest of Hanstholm and sixteen kilometres northwest of Thisted. The North Sea is to the west. It is renowned as being one of the best windsurf spots in Europe and also has good conditions for kitesurf, surf and SUP.

It is in the Thy National Park and you’ll see large white sand dunes which were formed by the strong westerly wind. It became popular in the nineties with the celebration of the Soulwave competition, which combined windsurf, surf and kitesurf. After ten years the event was changed to the NSP Soulfies, combining windsurf and surf. However, its international fame came from the annual windsurf waveriding world cup, the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup Klitmøller.

It has a wide range of conditions due to the frequent changes in the wind direction. From SSW to SW, the reef is the best option as the south of the bay is slightly sheltered and it doesn't reach its full potential whereas the reef receives perfect crosshore conditions with big powerful waves. When there is little wind there are longer lefts and good rights. Take care with falls as the reef is very near, and it's recommendable to wear booties. The reef is known as mussel reef and it starts right at the edge of the curve and extends for around one hundred metres towards the south. One kilometre south of the mussel reef you’ll find bunkers which give this place its name, and where there is another reef with a right hand barrel which is ideal for surfing. 


When the swell direction is W-WNW it's a good moment to get air, as the waves enter the bay. During the windsurf world cup riders like Víctor Fernández and Philip Köster executed jumps of up to fifteen metres and incredible tricks like the Big Double Forward Loop and the One Footed Back Loop. Take care in the zone where the waves break as the current won't help you to get out of there. On good days it can get busy but you have the option of sailing downwind towards Klitrosen where it is usually quieter. You can sail with N-E wind but the conditions aren’t very good.


This spot is open to different wind directions, from SSW to SW the reef is the best option as the south of the bay is slightly sheltered. There are perfect crosshore conditions on the reef with big powerful waves. It's quite possible to hit the reef after a fall so it's recommended to wear booties. When the swell direction is W-WNW it is totally onshore, however, this wind direction generates bigger waves which enter the bay and if you sail in there, the orientation of the bay makes the wind side onshore and creates lefts. With W-WNW there are also more currents. When the wind is W-WNW it's recommendable to head 10 km further north and sail in Hanstolm with the sideshore conditions which are fun for jumping as well as surfing.
Optimal Conditions
  • Type
  • Wind
    SW, SSW
  • Tide
    Low to high
  • Swell
  • Bottom
    Sand, pebbles
  • Size
    3 to 10 ft
  • Time of year
    March to November
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