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Tavarua - Viti Levu , Fiji

Surf, Bodyboard

The Cloudbreak left, has such great significance that surfing cannot be understood without it. It is located south of the atoll of the small island Tavarua, 26 kilometres west of Viti Levu, the largest island of the Fiji achipelago. Its location in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with the deep water surrounding it makes it a renowned big wave spot that many big wave riders wait patiently for when the strong swell from the Tasman Sea channels towards Fiji and creates huge barrels like Pipeline but five times longer. It is undoubtedly one of the three most spectacular stops of the 'Dream Tour' along with Teahupo and Pipeline. Just check out the final between Kelly Slater and Mick Fanning in the last Volcom Fiji Pro 2013 to understand Cloudbreak better.

Nadi Airport is in Viti Levu and it's the hub from where you'll begin your journey. The accommodation options are varied, there are luxury resorts, surf camps or even the increasingly popular option of staying in one of the traditional bures or hostals that you'll find around Nadi. It is advisable to take everything you'll need to Fiji i.e. your entire quiver, various leashes and wax, etc. because it will be very difficult to find equipment there. Also, make sure that from where you are staying you have easy access to a boat to go to Cloudbreak.

Only a few years ago Tavarua was a private island where only a few priviliged could surf but fortunately, in July 2010, the Fijian government passed a law which meant that the reefs there or anywhere in Fiji are now open spaces and are not soley for private use. This was very positive because it meant that above all, a large amount of the local population could take advantage of the benefits of its resources and it also means that Cloudbreak is now within reach of more surfers. In relation to this, don't forget that Tavarua is surrounded by waves but Fiji has over 300 atolls and about 100 inhabited virgin islands around it hiding undiscovered potential.

Cloudbreak Surf Fiji


Here in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, like Hawaii or Tahiti, the swell doesn't pass any obstacles that brake it during its voyage until it reaches the Cloudbreak reef and so this creates more powerful waves than those that reach the continental shelves. It's recommended to use longer boards.

Cloudbreak is a very fast and powerful wave suitable only for experienced surfers since it starts breaking at 6 ft and holds it all from there. The best swell direction is usually from the south and southwest, with more west, the wave is faster and hollower. The best wind direction is northeast, but of course it's better glassy. Regarding the tide, all are good but for the most experienced, a falling tide always works best.

Cloudbreak is often subdivided into three main sections; the first 'the Point' is the take off area, the second 'the Middle' breaks shallowly and barrels until the last and most tricky section, known as 'Shish Kebabs' and this is where a mistake could become a problem, especially if it is one of the first waves of the set. Keep in mind that the sets are frequent and have 7, 8 waves so if you fall in a bad place in one of the first it's no joke. Cloudbreak breaks offshore making it easy to enter the sets with small angle variations that require you to be very attentive. The take off zone on the outside is known as 'the Ledge' precisely because you have to wait for the set a little further away than usual to anticipate the differences in direction between sets. It's a factor that isn't usually taken into account but it's crucial to surf it successfully.
Optimal Conditions
  • Wave
  • Wind
  • Tide
  • Swell
    S - SW
  • Bottom
    Coral Reef
  • Size
    4 to 20 ft
  • Time of year
    From April to October
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