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Lagundri Bay - Nias Island , Indonesia

Surf, Bodyboard

Nias or The Point in Lagundri Bay is a classic wave that you may have seen in videos, where every drop of water falls into place to create one of the best rights in the world. Its discovery marked a before and after because it was the first world class wave that was discovered in West Sumatra and in the north of the Indian Ocean. In 1975 Kevin Lovett and John Giesel felt drawn to it and went to Nias after examining a map whilst travelling in northern Sumatra. In Nias, they met the legendary surfer Peter Troy and began an odyssey of a motorcycle trip along winding roads and through the dense jungle until they finally reached a bay with emerald barrels and a spectacular backdrop of coconut trees that would change their concept of a point break. The welcome was incessant sets caressing the west side of the bay. Lovett spoke of about 6 to 8 feet Hawaiian scale, and from that day Lovett and Giesel stayed there for three months. They made a pact to keep it a secret but as always with waves of this quality, it’s the wave that chooses its own destiny.

A decade later, with the revolution of surfing in the Mentawai Islands, the attention of the global surf industry shifted to the islands in the north of the Indian Ocean, leaving the Nias waves in the background. Years later with the earthquakes in 2004 and 2005, something changed in Nias. The reef rose about half a metre above its previous level, redefining the dynamics of the wave that, if it was already perfect, amazing and mechanical, became mathematical, more consistent and more perfect. It currently holds any tide and size and if you're lucky enough to see it with 6 to 8 feet, you'll see how The Point becomes the best right in the world.

The Nias right breaks on the west side of Lagundri Bay, in front of Sorake beach. You enter easily from the famous keyhole, paddling out to the peak. Once you’re in, the right called Indicators at the end of the reef is what marks the arrival of the sets, setting the rhythm of the session of The Point. Depending on the conditions, there are other options nearby. The left, The Machine, at the other end of the bay, is a very good wave which with high tide and enough swell gives world class sections, although since the earthquake it has been said that it’s lost some of its quality. Some other waves there are Kiddies Corner on the inside of Nias and Shark Hole etc.

Nias Island Indonesia Surf

The best option to get to Nias is from north Sumatra, you can go from Sibolga harbour by ferry to Teluk Dalam in Nias, or you can organise to go by plane with one of the local operators that you’ll find in the airport in Medan. Pay attention to the travel timetables and the details of the journey, read the conditions for the baggage allowance carefully and make sure you carry enough cash just in case. When you arrive you’ll see lots of accommodation offers of Indonesian losmens, hotels and various places to eat. Although it’s a bit expensive we recommend that you hire a motorbike to explore this special place.



The best conditions are with S - SW swell and N wind. It works from 3 feet and all tides are good but the best is a falling high to low tide. The take off is easy with 4 or 5 feet and it’s a right which is almost the twin of the playful left, Macaronis. With 6 feet it becomes more difficult and requires quite a good level. From 8 to 10 feet it’s the best right in the world and only suitable for excellent riders. Some expert surfers say that it holds well until 15 feet but this is only within reach of a few, what is certain is that from 8 to 10 feet it’s the best right in the world and only suitable for excellent riders.

Ask for The Keyhole, as this is where you should enter the water and here in Nias it’s like an authentic door from where you only have to paddle ten metres to be at the take off point. This wave can reach more than 100 metres in length and with good conditions you can get into a barrel that can envelop you for ten seconds with its perfect shape and punchy walls where you can let rip with your manoeuvres. As is normal with a wave of these characteristics, there is some localism but the local atmosphere is excellent and with respect and kindness everything is possible.
Optimal Conditions
  • Wave
  • Wind
  • Tide
  • Swell
  • Bottom
    Coral reef
  • Size
    3 to 12 ft
  • Time of year
    all year long
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