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East Sumbawa, Indonesia

Surf, Bodyboard

The Periscopes right is another gem that can be found very close to Lakey Peak, in Hu’u County, East Sumbawa. It’s an incredible place in all senses. It’s a little quieter than the main peaks that are nearby and this peacefulness together with the surroundings will take your surfing to its finest. In the eighties, Paul King, the legendary pioneer that explored Indonesia, was one of the first to regularly surf the rights off this point break. Another known story is that of Dave Wiley who paid the owner of a nearby farm and built a cabin where he could spend long periods in front of Periscopes. Out of all the spots that you’ll find here, Periscopes is the perfect option when the conditions are good as it doesn’t collapse as much as Lakey Peak or Lakey Pipe. Anyway, it shouldn’t be forgotten that this place, due to the variety and quality of its waves, constitutes one of the best training camps for professional teams so it wouldn’t be unusual for you to find yourself with an international figure or a local.

The times when the young children surfed with broken boards have gone as it’s now a place that’s full of talent. You can get flights from Bali to Bima airport which is only three hours away from Hu’u by road, or be really adventurous and cross the whole island with any vehicle starting in West Sumbawa. Once you’re there, Periscopes is a kilometre towards the right of Lakey Beach. Access by motorbike is easy, follow the same road which goes to Hu’u, but turn right just before and follow the narrow path towards Periscopes. You’ll go between pastures and rice paddies and see the locals doing their daily chores. The other option is to walk thirty minutes along the beach. When you cross the river, you’ll see that the wave isn’t far from there. The last option is very pleasant but less recommended because it takes longer. Once you’re there, you just have to paddle 100 metres from the beach to the line-up. Be prepared and take some water with you, you’ll appreciate it after the session.



Periscopes is a long right-hander that throws out barrel after barrel, has a fast take off, and vertical sections for manoeuvres. It works best with a mid to high rising tide and needs a southwest swell, although it develops better quality when it receives more from the south. It starts breaking with 3 feet and perfection comes with 5, holding until 6, and with 8 feet it starts to lose shape. Pay attention to the reef when the tides change as with high tide it’s relatively safe, but it’s the opposite at low tide, especially on the inside.

It’s not as consistent in the wet season as it is in the dry season, nevertheless at that time it still gives incredible surf days due to the predominant glassy days or light north winds. Bear in mind that around there are occasional cyclones around these dates that are sometimes quite destructive. March and April are possibly the best months when the first powerful swells and the winds arrive, even though they’re normally weak and variable. The middle of the dry season is when the biggest swells come, but from July to the beginning of November, in the middle of the day, is when the strongest onshore wind comes so it’s essential to go early in the morning before the wind picks up, without forgetting to coincide it with the high tide. If you get these conditions, the surf is great.
Optimal Conditions
  • Wave
  • Wind
  • Tide
    High - Medium
  • Swell
  • Bottom
    Coral reef
  • Size
    3 to 10 ft
  • Time of year
    All year round
Suggested Spots