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East Coast - Bali , Indonesia

Surf, Bodyboard

Sanur is a beautiful white sandy beach with calm waters which is located east of Denpasar city. It is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Bali with big hotels, restaurants, shops, massage rooms, a spa and even a golf course. Here in a reef break away from the shore you'll find the right-hander Sanur, a legendary wave in Bali that is capable of the best and the worst. It is difficult for all the factors to come together for it to work, but when it's on fire its reef generates one of the best waves in Bali, even to the height of its cousin, the left-hander Padang Padang. It only works a few times a year, but when it does many surfers, mostly locals, will be there so you must take this into account and leave the pace of the session to them.

Getting to Sanur beach is a bit more complicated than the other more accessible waves in Bali, especially because of the massive amount of traffic on the roads that provide access to this area. Get yourself on the important Sunset Road, look for the 'Bypass Ngurah Rai' and then turn right at any of the traffic lights that direct you to Sanur beach. When you get there the waves break on the outer reefs of the beach, right in front of the Grand Bali Beach Hotel.


Sanur's right-hander needs a solid swell at the correct angle. A good reference is when Nusa Dua is above 10 feet and phases out, which isn't easy because Nusa Dua holds a good size, but if it happens, the authentic Sanur will be working. The wave is fickle, very powerful and breaks with very little water on the coral so it's very dangerous and has a critical inside, especially under 6 feet.

Don't trust this place and be aware of the tide as when it gets too low, any mistake in the last section can be fatal. The only advantage is that the hospital is very close. Sometimes with a small size you can have good sessions, but only with very low tides, when the sea retreats from the reef does it offer fun walls.There are two reefbreaks in Sanur. Sanur reef is where the legendary wave breaks and Tandjung reef is located further to the right just in front of the Sari Hotel. The Tandjung reef is more consistent and you can surf there with all tides. A short, hollow left-hander which is good for boogie boarding also breaks here.
Optimal Conditions
  • Wave
  • Wind
    W - NW
  • Tide
    Medium - High
  • Swell
    S - SW
  • Bottom
    Coral Reef
  • Size
    5 to 12 ft
  • Time of year
    All year round
Suggested Spots