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West Sumbawa , Indonesia

Surf, Bodyboard

The Supersuck left, one of the best waves in Indonesia, is in the West of Sumbawa in the incredible Maluk Bay. It's a wonderful region and you'll also find other world class waves like Scar Reef or Yoyo's close to it. Sumbawa is one of Indonesia's largest islands and one that has greater undiscovered potential. This wild coastline is so isolated that the many waves it is home to won't be on the maps for many more years. West Sumbawa is one of the poorest areas in Indonesia with poor public transport, almost all untarmacked roads and pets running loose everywhere. However, it's an unspoiled place where this lack of development is one of the main attractions. If you go there you will surely meet friendly and hospitable people wanting to interact with you.

There are two main ways to get there, one means going on an adventure with your scooter through Lombok to Labuhan port and then crossing by boat to West Sumbawa, the other, by catching a plane to Sumbawa Besar Airport is the fastest. Many people wait for Supersuck to show its best side, and they are sure to be there when that happens. Make sure you think about what quiver to take as you won't find much there, and of course, don't skimp on mosquito repellent.



The name itself explains what Supersuck is, a wave that stays shallow at low tide and if you have optimum conditions it breaks into the longest barrel in West Sumbawa. It's excellent for experienced surfers who are capable of pumping the board to generate speed in the tube, and with low tide it's especially sweet for bodyboarders. However, it needs a powerful swell and is less consistent than some other nearby waves.

It's a left which is very intense from the take off, a continual slab which isn't easy to get into so you will have to find the right angle and go down the line to succeed in this challenge against Supersuck. The best time is from May to October and you need a powerful southwest swell, high periods and light east winds. The ideal size is 8 ft but it starts to break at 5 or 6 ft, enduring until 12 ft when it phases out. It can reach a length of 300 m. The best tide is when it is falling from high to mid although it depends on your level because low tide can also be optimal.
Optimal Conditions
  • Wave
  • Wind
    SE - E
  • Tide
  • Swell
  • Bottom
    Coral reef
  • Size
    6 ft to 12 ft
  • Time of year
    From May to October
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