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Barcelona - Cataluña, Spain



Sants Plaza is located just outside the important train station 'Sants Estacio'. It's recognised as a classic skatepark, both nationally and internationally, and it's where skaters like Raul Navarro have emerged. At this spot, you'll find legendary granite benches with double height, although these days they are worn and rounded so they are quite difficult to skate. In some which are very worn, they've removed the granite to expose the metal making it easier to grind and on others the legs are broken so they serve as up-ledges. The local skaters have taken it upon themselves to improve the area by raising the benches onto cement blocks and building new ledges etc. There are also some long, high ledges which haven't been used as much and where you can slide better but they are round. 


These days there is work going on there and you can see that this spot is not what it used to be. Some of the floor zones have been repaired and aren't as good as before. However, despite that fact that there are less obstacles and the surface is damaged, you can still skate okay and make rounds. There is the dragon sculpture, Drakcelona, next to it and it has a metal incline with smooth curves which serves as a bank with some metal ledges. It's something which is really fun to skate and you can take some great photos there.

This legendary spot is fairly damaged, from its double height ledges to the ground and there are potholes and cracks showing that this place has been skated a lot. The local skaters are always active and make their own obstacles. There is a very good atmosphere because the people are nice and the police don't usually bother the skaters. The temperature in Barcelona is generally good although July and August are the perfect months to skate there.
What’s there?
  • Ledges
    Ledges, Manual pads
  • Jumps
  • Stairs
    3 Stairs, Gaps
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