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London, United Kingdom



Considered as the world's oldest spot, Southbank has been skated since 1971 and hopefully will be for many more years. Southbank Centre, the site administrator, has been seeking for a long time to move the spot to build shops, restaurants and other businesses in the place where people from all over the world have enjoyed skateboarding for over 40 years. Local skaters have used every effort to prevent this from happening, collecting signatures and getting the support of many people who don't live the world of skate from within, but understand that defending it is a cultural manifestation that enriches the city and offers potentially important tourism. Any skater worth his salt can easily recognise the characteristic ledges, banks, stairs and columns that hold the bridge that gives the spot shelter. The cultural variability is extensive and several graffiti artists, musicians and various other artists often frequent the place, plus there are the BMX riders who share the area giving it a unique character. Long live Southbank.


Many of the ledges are quite round but there's nothing that can't be skated. The best time to visit is in July and August when the temperatures are better and there is less rain.
What’s there?
  • Rails
  • Ledges
    Ledges, Manual pads
  • Pipes
  • Jumps
    Banks, Ramps, Hips
  • Stairs
    6 and 7 Stairs, Gaps
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