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Flushing Meadows

Flushing Meadows

Queens - New York, United States



Flushing Meadows - Corona Park is located north of Queens, at the Long Island Expressway and Grand Central Parkway intersection. It's the second biggest public park in New York, Central Park being the biggest, and was created to accommodate the New York World Fair in 1939. The spot is under the huge Unisphere on the signature blue cement. There are many videos that include images from here and countless mega tricks have been done on both the metal gap and the long ledge with no exit that is on the gap. At the spot, called 'Flushing' for short, you'll also find the 'Grater Gap' and granite ledges that surround the whole fountain along with other elements, such as a hubba with 6 steps, several fountains full of ledges and even a recent skatepark that's just opposite the globe.

Flushing Meadows NYC

Sometimes you can't skate at this spot i.e. if the fountain is in use, which is mainly in July and August, plus on some Saturdays and Sundays if there is a festival and the place is too crowded. A good time to go is in October as the weather will still be good after the summer and the prices will be lower. From November onwards, the weather is colder and there is more chance of rain.
What’s there?
  • Ledges
    Hubbas, Ledges, Manual pads
  • Stairs
    6 Stairs, Gaps
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