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Dajla - Sahara Occidental, Western Sahara


Dakhla or Dajla, also known as Villa Cisneros, is a city in Western Sahara which is considered as one of the best kitesurfing destinations in the world. Its perfect thermal wind conditions combined with the year round warm temperatures, the 40 kilometres of flat water in the lagoon and the beaches that face the Atlantic Ocean, which together make it a great place for all levels and disciplines. The PKRA have held competitions here since 2011, and it’s not strange to see pros training in the lagoon.

There’s a national airport with a daily flight from Casablanca, in the north of Morocco, where nearly all of the international airports have direct flights to, but on the way back it’ll be necessary to stay overnight in this city. Another option is to get a flight from the Canary Islands or it’s also possible to reach Dakhla by bus or car from Agadir, although the roads aren’t the best and it’s a 14 hour journey.



You can find perfect flat water conditions places in the lagoon, or waves in the Atlantic. The N wind blows daily in the mornings, reaching its peak in the afternoon. The average is from 15 to 25 knots throughout the whole year, except in the summer months of July and August when it’s stronger. Between November and March, the air temperature is around 23°C during the day and the water temperature is about 18°C so a long wetsuit is recommended. From April to October, the air temperature is around 26°C and it’s about 22°C in the water so a shorty is sufficient.
Optimal Conditions
  • Type
    Wave, Freestyle, Race
  • Wind
    N, NNE, NE
  • Tide
  • Bottom
  • Time of year
    All year around
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