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Pueblo Libre Skate Plaza

Pueblo Libre is Lima’s first skate plaza, in front of the Bolivar barracks. Designed by Peter Henningsen Viale and constructed by Skateparkperu.


Skatepark Los Reyes

The Los Reyes Skatepark is one of the biggest in Chile. It has a big street zone and a bowl that develops into the shape of a snake.

Czech Republic

Stalin Square

Stalin Square is one of the world class skate meccas and also a great viewpoint from where you can see the whole city.


SMP Skatepark

The SMP Skatepark is located in the Fudan Wangxi Botanical Garden in Shanghai and is known as the world's largest skatepark.

United States

Lee and Joe Jamail Skatepark

The Lee and Joe Jamail Skatepark with different zones. All of this is surrounded by quarters and flats that connect the street and ramp elements.


Micropolis Skatepark

Micropolis, located in Eläintarha Park, is a skatepark in Helsinki which was designed by Janne Saario and mixes skate obstacles with natural elements.

Discover new spots

Discover new spots

Discover the best skateparks, plazas and street zones for skateboarding. Bowls, funboxes, rails, ledges, pipes, jumps and stairs.

Community and places

Community and places

We recommend bars, restaurants and hotels. Organise your perfect trip, get to know places and share your opinion.

Skateboarding Contests

Skateboarding Contests

Information about spots where the main international competitions are held. Skatepark of Tampa, Nike Shelter, Mystic, Bryggeriet, SMP...